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Drafting Module --- GNU/Linux Release

The deal

  • You are offered, completely free of charge, the x86 GNU/Linux version of the Landcroft costs drafting module.
  • This version is guaranteed not to work under any version of Microsoft Windows so please don't waste your time trying.
  • It is the full, unrestricted version of the module, not the restricted MS-Windows demonstration available elsewhere on this site.
  • It is built for Mandrake Linux 10.0 official. While you are encouraged to try it on your own GNU/Linux distribution, there might be incompatibilities with your versions of the shared libraries.

So what's the catch ?

  • The software runs in text-mode within a console window. No graphics, no mouse. You can change the colours it uses.
  • The printed drafts are limited to mono-spaced fonts; no nice proportional font printing.

Installation and usage

  • Download the package here. We don't ask for `registration' or other formality before you do so.
  • Unpack the package and if required, move the files around the hierarchy. The package comprises:
    • The executable.
    • Manuals in HTML and PDF formats.
    • Data file.
  • Set up an icon or some menu facility with a command line of draft draft.dam --- adjust to taste if you have moved or renamed any of the files.
  • Run the module and set up your printers. Unlike the MS-Windows version, which automatically knows about your printers (because Windows tells it), the GNU/Linux version must be set up manually. Use the database MU (modify site configuration table) option. Normally, you should have a `:' entry matching a printer set up with CUPS or lpadmin.
  • The package is unsupported. This means that we don't undertake to answer questions about installation or usage. You are encouraged to join the email list for discussions related to the software by sending an email with the word `subscribe' in the subject line to
  • However, we would like to hear from you, if you are using the package and are benefitting from it---please just send us an email (address on our home page) or announce it on the mailing list.
  • If you decide you like the package and wish to purchase the graphical MS-Windows version, you can carry all your drafts over and immediately benefit from the superior printing under the Windows version.