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In one package, this remarkable software automates the tedious layout, calculation and repetitive phrases that encumber the draftsman.  Benefits include:

  • no need to do any calculations:  the software automates all calculations of rate times time, rate times quantity, sub-part totals and totals and the summary.  The summary is completely automatically produced without any effort from the draftsman.

  • no more laying out in columns:  the software automatically draws the rulings then fits the narrative, amounts claimed and VAT into the columns.

  • completely self-contained:  does not rely on MS-Word or any other external package.

  • economical:  no monthly licensing fees, just the one-off purchase price of 500.

  • flexible:  draw bills in the `June 2000' CPR Precedents A, C and D formats, Woolf FORM2 or original 3 and 6 column formats.

  • save typing effort by saving frequently-used phrases under your own code-words, then recalling the phrases by simply typing the code-word.  Phrases, once saved, can be used on any subsequent draft.

Download a fully-functional MS-Windows demonstration and try this powerful software for yourself.  The download is 580 Kb and requires MS-Windows '95, '98, NT, 2000 or XP.  Note that there is a restriction on the demonstration version which limits you to entering only very small drafts.  A sample draft is included, which you can examine and print off.  Read the installation instructions for further help.

Updates of Demonstration
  • Small fix to sub-totals in schedules.
  • Facility for separate schedules.
  • Deliberate `spoiling' of printed output.