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CLAIM 1 (Civil Legal Aid Claim Form)

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Based on Microsoft Excel, this product simulates a CLAIM1 on screen--with the crucial difference that, as the basic figures are entered, the totals automatically appear:  in the claim columns on page 4, in box A on page 4, and in the various total boxes on page 7.  In fact, every figure that can be automatically calculated, is. The form has these powerful features:

  • Date sorting, which allows entry of the page 4 details in any order, or the addition of late details;  click the on-screen button to sort all page 4 details (even with more than one page 4 in a claim) by date.
  • Multiple solicitors, whereby the form can summarise the claims of several other forms, each of which contains the claim for just one solicitor. Note: this feature only works reliably on Excel 5.0a (Office 95).
  • The sheet is maintained up to date with the current version as specified by the LSC.
  • The disbursements table on page 6 has been expanded to fill the entire page.

When all the details are entered, simply use the normal Excel File/Print command to print the form on plain paper.  No need to worry about obtaining photocopies of blank forms, or lining up the form in your typewriter or computer printer.
Landcroft has produced its Excel-based CLAIM1 form since the CLS version 2 of April 2000. We track the LSC standard closely and our customers come for the updates time after time. The form `just works'---if you can use Excel, you can use this form.


To see for yourself this product in action, download this preview. The preview is the full, unrestricted LSC version 5 of the form. Do not use this to submit claims to the LSC; it is an obsolete version supplied for evaluation purposes only, and the LSC will reject this version of the form.


  • The CLAIM1 form is UKP100.00 for a single licence. A licence is required for each computer within an organisation on which the template is installed.
  • Volume licences by negotiation.
  • Existing customers can update whenever the form is changed at a reduced price. If the changes are trivial and cosmetic, the updates are charged at UKP25.00 per licence, but we do reserve the right to charge more if the changes are great.


To order the spreadsheet, please send a signed letter or fax (0161 439 4207) on your business letterhead, stating which form(s) you require and that you understand that the price is UKP100.00. We will dispatch the software by return, including media CD, manual(s) and invoice. We ask that you settle the invoice by return.